Meeting 2/16/10 Notes (Presentation #2)

1. How are we taking the yeast from the ethanol plant? Is the yeast dead?
-We are taking yeast from the bottoms. Yes the east is dead, but we use it as a nutrient.

2. What is the amount of algae oil in each tub?
-The amount of algae oil in each tub is 11.5 g, the rest is SBO, water, and small amounts of other additives.

3. Why are we producing margarine versus selling crude algae oil?
-We get more profit by doing the entire process.

4. How did we determine what separation process to use?
-We did it based on efficiency by comparing with competing processes.

5. What is CO2 lysing?
-Injecting CO2 at 1bar and 30˚C, pressurized CO2 opens the algae cells. CO2 is not supercritical.

6. Why CO2? Did we consider alternatives?
-We can get CO2 from Cargill. The alternatives were more expensive (enzymes) or less efficient (ultrasonic).

7. Water management?
-We need to work on this.

8. Overall mass balance?
-Two parts of our project need to be combined.

Summary of the notes from the first presentation:

Two main points that need improvement:
1. The gaps in our process must be filled.
2. Define the scope for our project.

Missing information in our process:
- By-products,
- Contamination,
- System cleaning,
- Size.